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Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach’s 49981A Single-Serve Coffee Maker is affordable and separated from that, it has an innovative and cost-effective solution for its clients who would prefer not to spend on K-cups. The scoop that accompanies the unit is intended to be loaded with their decision, free coffee grounds.

Also, as we all know, this means zero wastage and less spending. Take in more of the unit in this review.


  • For single utilize as it were
  • Incorporates plastic water reservoir
  • Makes utilization of ground coffee, not units or singles packs
  • Sections coffee precisely with marks on the scooping channel
  • Can brew 8-ounces of coffee inside 90 seconds, and 14 ounces inside 2.5 minutes
  • Has integrated flexible glass holder for standard size containers and travel mugs
  • Incorporates steel work scoop channel
  • Incorporates a wide trickle plate to prevent spills
  • Has settings for general and strong coffee
  • Incorporates automatic shut-off work
  • Is UL-appraised for home utilize as it were
  • Incorporates sans BPA-free plastic parts


The Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker is a clear unit produced using stainless steel material that is fit for giving you a hot, some coffee inside 90 seconds (for 8 ounces).

It has been the decision for some coffee enthusiasts on a financial plan since it permits utilizing free coffee grounds instead of K-cups or cases. Therefore if you are sick of paying for K-glasses, you can look at this model for an estimate.

The unit employments of ground coffee, with customary automatic drip, grind favored. Remember that it makes utilization of ground coffee just and not pre-packaged coffee single packs. It can produce general or old (more grounded tasting) coffee in any sort of flavor from caramel down to vanilla coffees.

It can also take coffee from different brands like Dunkin Donuts. Aside from coffee, the unit can also influence different kinds of beverages to like hot chocolate, tea, even oatmeal and moment soups.

The device does not permit utilizing coffee or water channels since it as of now has a stainless steel channel scoop. Consequently, you don’t need to manage the mess that accompanies isolate channels. Brewers can make utilization of faucet water for the gadget, but if they need better quality coffee, they can supplement it with packaged or separated water.

K-mugs and pods, as specified previously, are not required so it will enable you to save money on your coffee settle. Ground coffee is more affordable contrasted with units and K-cups, and you can even utilize beans that you granulate yourself for the brewing.

This Hamilton Beach model enables brewers to pick between 8-ounce coffee to 14 ounces. It is equipped for taking in a 7″ tall glass or mug in a low position while 4″ ones can be suited in the high position.

You can without much of a stretch brew an 8-ounce container in less than 90 seconds in this unit, and the 14-ounce alternative can be had in just under of 2.5 minutes. However, remember that coffee brewed under the strong setting will take somewhat longer to deliver.

Clients have praised the unit for its ease of use and its general and strong choices. For more grounded tasting coffee, you can choose the striking choice and it will convey yield with a full, powerful flavor for premium grounds.

Many fulfilled clients also remarked that because of the few sections that the gadget has, it is easier to clean and keep up. All the more vitally, the unit enables you to eliminate squander, which is a repeating issue for pods and K-cups.


There were some negative remarks from clients who purchased and utilized this single mug coffee maker, however. As per one client, the unit can some of the time give coffee a plastic taste, and keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of that taste, you should run the unit with a water and vinegar solution before use.

Something else, the coffee will taste plastic, or not solid and vigorous. There were also a couple of who remarked that 90 seconds won’t be sufficiently adequate time to accumulate flavors from the grounds, while some complained about moment coffee grounds left in the base of the container.


Despite its couple of setbacks, Hamilton Beach’s 49981A Single-Serve Coffee Maker is a decent purchase. It creates great coffee in a quick and proficient way, can drip straight into a movement mug, and it has qualities that a great many people look for in a coffee-production gadget. The machine conveys greatly as far as execution. Definitely worth an attempt.

Why Women Don’t Like Fishing as Much as Men

Despite all the struggles they have fought to be equal to man in many activities, it is a fact: women do not like to fish as much as men. And why does this happen? Let’s see:

It’s a Man’s’ Thing

Ancestrally, fishing is a matter of hunting, that is, of provision. Since time immemorial the role of man has been to provide, that of women take care of children. Although in many other animal species, such as lions, for example, females are suppliers, in the case of the human being it is the man who carries that role.

Therefore, there is no natural fondness for women for any activity that has to do with hunting or anything that resembles it. They, on the contrary, develop other skills, interests, hobbies, and preferences. It’s not by chance, for example, that from an early age the “maternal instinct” develops in them.

The necessary conditions don’t exist

Nowadays, the first the obstacle for women to get involved in hunting sports such as fishing has a first obstacle: the home and its obligations. The years have passed, but definitely, the society is still macho in that sense: there is no equality in the home when it comes to dividing tasks and that already stops any woman to lose a whole day outside their home and neglect it.

In the second place, continuing with the instincts, in the event that a woman shows an interest in such a hobby, she may make jealous and averse on the part of her partner: the man feels his space and role as a provider invaded and feels weak to anyone who threatens its fundamental role that is to bring food.

From the operational point of view of the sport, there are some other complications that may arise. First of all, there is the management of the implements and the boats in case the fishing is in a boat. In addition, the activity itself can cause some discomfort such as dizziness, or nausea due to the smells of fish and bait. These are some things that prevent a woman from being attracted to a sport like this.

Finally, there are many other options that are more in the style of women. There are many things in the world today that a lady loves to do, such as spending a good day shopping, going to the gym, the beauty salon or a spa. For them, feeling their feminine side, feeling pretty and being in fashion represents a satisfaction of their much higher fulfillment needs.

To conclude

There is a genetic predetermination for each gender of our species. In this, it is the man who has been in charge since the beginning of the times to provide, and fishing is a hunting sport, therefore it is a provisioning activity, which makes it unattractive to women. Besides, the sport itself present some issues like fish and bait handling or boat driving that can represent difficulties for the girls.

On the other hand, today there are many other activities that are more towards the tastes and preferences of women, beginning with attending to the household and its obligations. In addition, there are other more fun things, like going shopping or doing some other fun activity that makes them feel pretty.

Nevertheless, for anyone interested in getting into fishing, the most highly recommended resource for that is fish finder source.

Why my Wife Uses Younique Mascara

Younique Moodstruck Mascara

Younique Moodstruck Mascara

Younique 3D fiber lash mascara is a beauty product that lately has taken surprisingly the social media. In Facebook and Instagram have been seen before and after images that some women have posted placing the “before” of their few eyelashes next to the “after” photo with incredibly long lashes. Behind all this is the 3d fiber lash mascara, a very different improvement to the masks that exist on the market today.

The difference to ordinary masks

The fibers of this mask are made from a combination of artificial fibers (nylon and rayon) and natural fibers (silk). These fibers when combined with a gel or a liquid agent tend to adhere to the eyelashes making the eyelashes look longer, without residue and much thicker than the other masks of elongation and volume there are. In fact, many customers have commented that they have left the eyelashes aside once they started using the 3d fiber lash mascara.

The fact that it is made with natural ingredients (beeswax, carnauba wax and green tea fibers) make it much more environmentally friendly. It does not contain any products derived from petroleum (such as paraben wax and SLS). This makes it non-toxic and non-irritating hypoallergenic. This is also a product cruelty-free, so it has not been tested on animals.

The Review

The 3D fiber lash mask helps to greatly increase the volume and length of the eyelashes without resorting to false eyelashes. It is a set of two pieces: a black tube containing the magnifying gel and a thinner tube with eco-friendly micro fibers, both from recycling processes and with a nice satin box to carry it wherever .

Its use and application is very simple, comes with its detailed instructions printed in the coating of the box. Only apply the gel increase, then apply the micro fibers on the wet gel, wait 30 seconds for drying, repeat the process until desired length and volume and finally close with a layer of gel.

The shape of the brush gives the advantage of being able to apply the gel evenly and ensures that each fiber will stick to already gelled eyelashes. It can be a long process, but it is worth taking the time and effort. Even those with sparse eyelashes may notice a big change when applying the 3D fiber lash mascara.

The black gel ensures that the eyelashes darken and achieve a more dramatic effect. Even black fibers are the ones that play the role of enhancing the look. Best of all, the eyelashes will remain soft after 2-3 layers. The continued use of this mask greatly improves the lashes, according to the testimonies.

It is considerably more expensive than ordinary masks (being one of the most expensive fiber masks, just a bit under $40), but the price is reflected in the quality of the product as it is the number one in the list of the best masks for the unmatched quality of eyelashes offers.

Is it worth it?

Read’s Younique 3D Fiber Mascara review as it’s currently listed #5 best 3d fiber lash mascara.