Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach’s 49981A Single-Serve Coffee Maker is affordable and separated from that, it has an innovative and cost-effective solution for its clients who would prefer not to spend on K-cups. The scoop that accompanies the unit is intended to be loaded with their decision, free coffee grounds.

Also, as we all know, this means zero wastage and less spending. Take in more of the unit in this review.


  • For single utilize as it were
  • Incorporates plastic water reservoir
  • Makes utilization of ground coffee, not units or singles packs
  • Sections coffee precisely with marks on the scooping channel
  • Can brew 8-ounces of coffee inside 90 seconds, and 14 ounces inside 2.5 minutes
  • Has integrated flexible glass holder for standard size containers and travel mugs
  • Incorporates steel work scoop channel
  • Incorporates a wide trickle plate to prevent spills
  • Has settings for general and strong coffee
  • Incorporates automatic shut-off work
  • Is UL-appraised for home utilize as it were
  • Incorporates sans BPA-free plastic parts


The Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker is a clear unit produced using stainless steel material that is fit for giving you a hot, some coffee inside 90 seconds (for 8 ounces).

It has been the decision for some coffee enthusiasts on a financial plan since it permits utilizing free coffee grounds instead of K-cups or cases. Therefore if you are sick of paying for K-glasses, you can look at this model for an estimate.

The unit employments of ground coffee, with customary automatic drip, grind favored. Remember that it makes utilization of ground coffee just and not pre-packaged coffee single packs. It can produce general or old (more grounded tasting) coffee in any sort of flavor from caramel down to vanilla coffees.

It can also take coffee from different brands like Dunkin Donuts. Aside from coffee, the unit can also influence different kinds of beverages to like hot chocolate, tea, even oatmeal and moment soups.

The device does not permit utilizing coffee or water channels since it as of now has a stainless steel channel scoop. Consequently, you don’t need to manage the mess that accompanies isolate channels. Brewers can make utilization of faucet water for the gadget, but if they need better quality coffee, they can supplement it with packaged or separated water.

K-mugs and pods, as specified previously, are not required so it will enable you to save money on your coffee settle. Ground coffee is more affordable contrasted with units and K-cups, and you can even utilize beans that you granulate yourself for the brewing.

This Hamilton Beach model enables brewers to pick between 8-ounce coffee to 14 ounces. It is equipped for taking in a 7″ tall glass or mug in a low position while 4″ ones can be suited in the high position.

You can without much of a stretch brew an 8-ounce container in less than 90 seconds in this unit, and the 14-ounce alternative can be had in just under of 2.5 minutes. However, remember that coffee brewed under the strong setting will take somewhat longer to deliver.

Clients have praised the unit for its ease of use and its general and strong choices. For more grounded tasting coffee, you can choose the striking choice and it will convey yield with a full, powerful flavor for premium grounds.

Many fulfilled clients also remarked that because of the few sections that the gadget has, it is easier to clean and keep up. All the more vitally, the unit enables you to eliminate squander, which is a repeating issue for pods and K-cups.


There were some negative remarks from clients who purchased and utilized this single mug coffee maker, however. As per one client, the unit can some of the time give coffee a plastic taste, and keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of that taste, you should run the unit with a water and vinegar solution before use.

Something else, the coffee will taste plastic, or not solid and vigorous. There were also a couple of who remarked that 90 seconds won’t be sufficiently adequate time to accumulate flavors from the grounds, while some complained about moment coffee grounds left in the base of the container.


Despite its couple of setbacks, Hamilton Beach’s 49981A Single-Serve Coffee Maker is a decent purchase. It creates great coffee in a quick and proficient way, can drip straight into a movement mug, and it has qualities that a great many people look for in a coffee-production gadget. The machine conveys greatly as far as execution. Definitely worth an attempt.