Fashion brands

15 sustainable fashion brands from around the world

Ka Sha, India

“Change by design” is something of a mantra for Karishma Shahani-Khan and her label, Ka-Sha, based in Maharashtra, India. The artisans she works with across the country are as essential to Ka-Sha’s story as hand-dyed natural fabrics and zero-waste design methods. “We use clothes to celebrate craftsmanship and craft techniques, new and old,” says Shahani-Khan. The brand’s capsule project, Heart to Haat, is produced entirely from leftover textiles and clothing destined for landfill, inspired by the indigenous ideology of reusing, reusing and recovering. – Emilie Farra

Cotton appliqué jacket, Chanderi top and matching skirt, and cotton appliqué saree, Ka-Sha. Vintage belts, The Arc London. Suede boots, Manolo Blahnik. Bodices and ribbon (in hair), VV Rouleaux. Earrings, Al Arabia, at Crowne Plaza Jordan.

Eddie Wray

Mozh Mozh, Peru

Mozhdeh Matin launched her label in 2015, she explains, to “work with local artisans and preserve their techniques.” She was driven by the concept of the circular economy and, indeed, drawing on local weaving traditions, her colorful separates, dresses and accessories – made from alpaca, cotton and wool yarns. also from Peru – set this wheel in motion. “All artists are inspired by their environment,” she says, “and the climate crisis is driving many of us to create inventive ways to become more sustainable.” – Marley Marius

Alpaca shawl, alpaca jacket with crochet trim and cotton pants, Mozh Mozh. Vintage belt, The Arc London. Bodices, VV Rolls. Earrings, Al Arabia, at Crowne Plaza Jordan.

Eddie Wray

Conner Ives, Great Britain

At least 75% of this Central Saint Martins graduate’s designs are made from vintage, unsold or durable materials. “It’s always about finding new materials to use and new processes to develop,” says Ives. “It’s a constant and eager evolution.” The designer, originally from Bedford, New York, says living in England has influenced the way he sources and implements second-hand materials. “When I first came to London, I spent most of my time with friends going to charity shops,” says Ives. “I love hunting so much.” – Christian Allaire