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5 fashion accessories for the ethnic look of men

So you got the taste of a perfect ethnic look. You have mastered the art of succeeding traditional kurta with dhoti pants. You might be a king of ethnic clothes. But if you dress for a festival and skip the props, you’re missing out on some major style tips.

The perfect fashion accessories, like sunglasses, bracelets, or even a brooch, can do all the heavy lifting for a see. You can wear a plain kurta pajama with a printed pouch and you will be sorted. So the next time you get dressed, don’t forget to accessorize.

Sun glasses

Sunglasses are best known for keeping the sunlight out of your eyes and the world out of your business. But did you know that you can also use them to appear more attractive and confident? If you choose the right sunglasses frame for your face shape and the color of its lenses for the weather, you will always be successful in the tint game.

Round frames can help balance a wider forehead and widen the jawline. Square frames are suitable for men with chiseled chins and cheekbones. Rectangular and oval frames are ideal for men with long and square faces, respectively. And D-frames are suitable for all face shapes.

Plus, the color of your aviators’ glasses isn’t just for styling purposes. So choose the color of your glasses intelligently.

When the weather is nice, choose sunglasses with gray or brown lenses. For cooler days, go for yellows, purples, reds and blues. Green lentil is best for the rainy season.

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The brooch is a sign of royalty. It is often worn on the left side by people who hold a high position in society.

Thanks to designers and accessory brands, brooches are no longer just a jewel for the royal family, but also an accent for anyone who wants to add the taste of tradition without overdoing it with an outfit.

It just means that you can add a brooch to your all-black or all-white outfit while still maintaining a traditional outfit. see.

Sidharth Malhotra dressed in ethnic clothes

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Pocket square

A cover art is to a gentleman what Shankar Mahadevan is to “Breathless” – a melody that not everyone can interpret. And if you were successful, do it by creating a contrast. For example, pair a printed pouch with a solid kurta or a bright color with the darker ones.

Kunal Kapoor dressed in ethnic clothes

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There are a multitude of ways for the modern gentleman to wear a bracelet that complements his outfit with the greatest style.

With bracelets, however universal they may be, size matters. You don’t want your bracelet to keep slipping off your wrist. Otherwise, it will quickly get boring. Treat your metal bracelets like a watch. Your pearl bracelet should fit snugly on the wrist, but your leather bracelet may use up a bit of space.

Varun Dhawan dressed in ethnic clothes

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The laptop bag

Men kept their hands free the longest when it came to bags, but not anymore. Even a utility accessory as a laptop bag can enhance your look better than folders or a backpack. You just have to choose the right color and the right design.

A mustard colored laptop bag can add a touch to your grayest outfit. However, if you’re looking for something more timeless to balance any possible outfits you have in your wardrobe, go for neutrals.

mens laptop bag

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The bottom line

Style is not just a one-size-fits-all formula. But when choosing accessories for any occasion, just think that if the camera ever came out, you would be the best dressed gentleman who knows how to take over the world with his style! You will always choose the right one.

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