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Beauty and fashion brands launch products to celebrate White Day


As White Day approaches, beauty and fashion brands are racing to roll out new products to help men mark the occasion.

In Korea, March 14 is White Day, when men usually give sweets or gifts to women to thank them for the gifts they received on Valentine’s Day.

Neoclassical Italian brand Metrocity has launched a shoulder bag to commemorate White Day. The miniature waist bag is described as one that suits the free lifestyle of young women.

The square-shaped bag with a catena chain is available in four colors: mint, white, black and red.

Launched Metrocity shoulder bag for this year's White Day (Metrocity)

Launched Metrocity shoulder bag for this year’s White Day (Metrocity)

Lloyd, the jewelry brand of local retail giant E-Land, presented two White Day Edition necklaces set with diamonds.

One of the necklaces features a pink rose diamond that evokes the meaning of eternal love, according to the jeweler. Another is the Shine Drop necklace.

Skincare brand Mary&May has also launched a limited-edition skincare set, which includes a face serum, soothing gel-cream and pore-cleansing foam, ahead of White Day.

The skincare line contains the herbal medicine eoseongcho and tea tree oil, according to the company.

Lloyd's White Day Edition Necklace (Lloyd)

Lloyd’s White Day Edition Necklace (Lloyd)

While white chocolate and candies were popular gifts for White Day, which originated in Japan in the 1960s, the current trend is for more practical and meaningful gifts.

According to a survey by Duo, Korea’s largest matchmaking company, unmarried men and women said a candy basket was their least favorite gift to receive on White Day.

The company conducted the survey from February 27 to March 10, 2019 with 150 men and 161 women.

About 26.4% of respondents said receiving or giving a candy basket was the least desirable, while 29.3% of men surveyed said they wanted to give jewelry and accessories to their loved ones.

“In line with changes in favorite gifts, an increasing number of beauty and fashion brands are posting and promoting special White Day items here,” said an industry official who wished to remain anonymous in Korea. Herald.

“Since men usually give gifts to their lovers (on romantic vacations), companies entice male shoppers with simple and straightforward explanations of their products by giving them names like ‘White Day Limited Collection’ and ‘ White Day special set “.”

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