Direct loans

A popular form of lending in Poland is direct credit, which appears in the offers of many banks. You can really earn good money with this type of financial assistance, so it’s no wonder that bankers are urging potential customers to take advantage of this particular option.

Such a cash loan has a very large impact on the bank’s financial liquidity, which is why it is so important to constantly acquire customers for the bank who will be interested in taking a direct loan.

It will be a priority for the client


That the loan offer does not include any additional costs, and therefore his or her decision may be positive after the full offer has been presented by the credit intermediary.

Profits from direct credit are greatly reflected in the bank’s income statement. They can occur in three different forms, and the task of each client is to study each of these options to choose the most suitable one at the very end, you can also find help.

Forms of direct credit

Forms of direct credit

The most common direct loan option is undoubtedly the one-off payment, i.e. the payment of all funds in one transaction as a whole. Clients usually willingly decide on such a solution because it means that the cash loan will be paid to them immediately after the banker has positively considered the account or in their hand.

You will not have to worry about the fact that the direct loan will go into our pocket in several tranches, because it is a one-time financial assistance from the bank, and we will be able to repay the loan. Another form of such a loan is several tranches, so a partial payment, which is not very satisfactory for customers, but sometimes it brings measurable benefits.

option is chosen by people who do not want to immediately have the entire loan in their account, and are interested in a slow transfer of funds, so that they have enough for longer and they can be divided into several transactions. The credit offer allows us to use such a solution, so you need to think about whether it will not be beneficial for us. The last option is a credit line (in renewable or non-renewable version).

The provision in the agreement on the maximum limit


Such a line and repayment dates will play a big role here, also such information must be read early enough so that the cash loan we choose does not carry any surprises. It is safe to say that direct credit brings many benefits not only to customers but also to banks, so its popularity in Poland is constantly growing and it will not change soon.

The use of direct loan rankings is a good choice for those interested, because then you can easily compare all loan offers of this type and choose the best for yourself on the market. The credit offer prepared for us may not include additional costs, because then the customer will not be satisfied with it.