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Look at: Face masks as fashion accessories? Archbishop approves

Tista ‘taqra bil-

Wearing face masks is a key measure to contain the spread of Covid-19 – and the law in many circumstances, at the moment – but there is nothing wrong with trying to be your best while by wearing one, according to Archbishop Charles Scicluna.

The Archbishop was interviewed by Father Joe Borg in a Questions and answers in the newspaper, and while the interview typically touched on bigger issues – notably immigration – Father Borg’s references to face masks led to a moment of levity.

Look: “If we put in a cage those who come here, they will be filled with anger” – Bishop Scicluna

Father Borg stressed that neither he nor the Archbishop wore masks, but only because the interview was conducted by video conference.

Archbishop Scicluna was quick to point out that he kept a face mask handy, pulling one out of his chest pocket “lest people believe their bishop is breaking the rules.”

He took the opportunity to call on the public to observe all precautions, including wearing a mask where required: “it’s not a joke”.

But he then recalled a visit to Rome he made earlier this month, in which he observed how people sought to turn a legally required precaution into a fashion statement – and a business opportunity.

He recounted how many stores in central Rome had started stocking face masks, many of which sported custom designs, including football team motifs as well as more expensive luxury models.

“You can’t beat Italians in fashion,” the Archbishop joked.

In turn, Father Borg suggested that the Curia could produce masks in liturgical colors, to match the clothes the clergy wears during the celebration of Mass. Not a bad idea, according to the Archbishop, who pointed out that he had also found such masks in Rome.

“And that doesn’t really apply to us,” he told Father Borg, “but they also sell matching masks and ties. “Maybe this could be a gift suggestion for Christmas.”

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