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Meghalaya Jeweler Sengmitchi Marak Talks About Perfect Fashion Accessories


By Laxmi Chyrmang

Fashion goals are not just about the right outfits, but also include accessories that complete the look phenomenally. To spell femininity is to add a pair of stunning earrings to your collection.

Fashion accessories are the most underrated and underrated fashion complements.

They can easily make or break your look. Finishing the outfit with the perfect earrings would give you a complete makeover.

A slight change in an accessory can make a big difference in the look of your outfit.

However, over-accessorizing can spoil the outfit, just as under-accessorizing can make you boring.

Jeweler Sengmitchi C. Marak of Dobasipara in West Garo Hills in the Meghalaya added a new twist to the trend by giving each earpiece a traditional touch.

Marak, who received the 2019 Chief Minister’s E-champion challenge, started designing jewelry when she enrolled in a basic fashion design and technology course at the National Skill Training Institute (NSTI) in 2018. -2019.

“I have always loved looking at handcrafted objects since I was a child. Beautiful craftsmanship always motivates me, and lately I’ve been inspired and motivated by a new little thing called Pinterest, ”Marak said.

Traditional yet modern, she designs jewelry with a traditional wraparound fabric called “Dakmanda” that makes her work stand out.

Apart from this, Marak also designs necklaces, headbands and other accessories made of crystal beads and semi-precious stones.

Turning to Marak for advice, she said it’s important to match the earrings with the outfit as it not only looks great but adds a tinge of elegance.

“In college wear lighter earrings, when you go to the office wear earrings that have a formal touch and when you are out on a night out wear fancy earrings to match what you wear to steal the show, ”Marak said.

“Whether it’s a red carpet look or just a casual outdoor look, every girl should own three types of earrings that are simple, elegant and traditional, comfortable to wear and easy to match,” added Marak.

Earrings elevate and transform your look, so always complete the outfit with a pair of earrings to add that perfect bling.

Fashion accessories include belts, bags, shoes, hats, sunglasses, watches, headbands, hair clips and jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and others.

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