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New Sizeable Fashion Website Allows Shoppers to Mix and Match to Fit Any Body Shape

Meet Lucy, Sherena, Jess, Rosie, Susan and Andrea, the everyday models who can ensure the perfect fit: the new fashion site allows YOU to mix and match to suit all body types

  • Important is a new website launched by a fashion writer from Melbourne
  • It aims to take the guesswork out of online shopping
  • The website offers six models in different sizes that model each garment, letting shoppers know if it would be right for them.

Women who are fed up with buying clothes online only to find that they don’t fit or fit when they are delivered might have a new favorite website.

Important aims to revolutionize online shopping by showcasing models of different body types, which model all clothing, so that shoppers can get an idea of ​​what will look good to them.

The website, which launched last week, was started by Melbourne fashion writer Larissa Thorne, 25, and the models on the site are all friends of Ms Thorne who have had enough play that their photographs and measurements are published on the site.

Left to Right: Lucy, Jess, Andrea, Rosie, Sherena and Susan are the six models featured on Sizeable, which aims to help women shop online.

Ms Thorne launched the website after being frustrated with trying to explain to her boyfriend how to buy clothes online for his birthday.

She said that for most women shopping for clothes online was like “shopping in the dark” andd that ‘every woman has experienced some major online shopping failures in her history.

The six models show what each of the outfits looks like on Sizeable when worn by women of different heights.

“When I shop online, I can choose between a size eight and a size 12. You are looking at a model [on a clothes website] which is a size eight and you have no idea if this will fit or look on you. Then you buy it and it will be gaping at the top, tight on your bust, and it’s just wasted money, ”she said.

Larissa Thorne started Sizeable after being frustrated with the online shopping process

Larissa Thorne started Sizeable after being frustrated with the online shopping process

When shoppers arrive at the Sizeable homepage, they are greeted with photographs and measurements of six models who have very different body shapes and wear clothing ranging from size 6 to size 14.

The buyer can then see Sizeable’s clothing line modeled by the model that most closely resembles her body type, to see if the outfit would suit her.

“In general, when shopping online, it can be hard to imagine what clothes would look like on your body,” says Sizeable’s website. “Comparing your own measurements to those of models helps you tailor the shopping experience to your body type, making sure you find clothes that flatter your figure. “

Ms. Thorne also thinks she sends a positive message to body image, which is presented with a narrow ideal of beauty.

The new website was started by a Melbourne fashion writer who was fed up with ‘shopping in the dark’ online.

“I find shopping online can be really demoralizing sometimes. I feel really depressed and we want to encourage women to adopt their appearance, ”she said.

“It’s kind of a no-brainer, we all know there are millions of beautiful women who don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model.”

The website currently features clothing from Limedrop, Ruby Sees All, AD from Haryono Setiadi and Leonard Street and is expected to expand in the coming months to include items from Keepsake and Black from Geng.

Ms Thorne says the site will soon add three more models – one which is a size 14/16, one with more defined curves and another which is a size four to six – and next year will look to add men’s clothing. on the website. .

The website will soon be adding three more models to its cast – one with more defined curves, one that’s a size 14/16 and one that’s a size 4/6.

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