Fashion designs

Village Gallery will showcase Suzen Brackell’s fashion designs

Just in time for the start of the fall season, the local artists’ village gallery will feature fashion designer Suzen Brackell during the month of September. The cooler temperature may motivate to put away summer clothes and look for something colorful and stylish to refresh last year’s fall wardrobe. Brackell is the founding member of […]

Fashion accessories

This woman entrepreneur startup offers sustainable fashion accessories made from pineapple and cactus leaves

Arundhati Kumar – Founder of Beej Sustainability is at the heart of BEEJ, a brand founded by Arundhati Kumar in the field of accessories. The founder believes style and durability can and should coexist, and it is important to be aware, attentive and responsible even when no one is looking. “Sustainability is not a simple […]

Fashion designs

Back to basics for the magnificent fashion creations of Aoife

What happens when you specialize in beautiful wedding dresses but no one gets married due to a global pandemic? We diversify and that’s exactly what a local businesswoman did. Well-known Ohpelia Bridal founder Aoife O’Broin has turned her talents to fashion design and creates stunning womenswear from her studio in Mornington. “I opened Ophelia 12 […]

Fashion designs

Meet the artist who turns inflatable dolls into fashion creations

Designer Nicole Daddona has created a line of handbags from inflatable dolls. Nicole daddona Nicole Daddona, who comes on Friday, is 32, lives in Los Angeles and is, as she puts it, “an artist, comedian, fashion designer, filmmaker and toy designer” who has created a popular line of inflatable dolls. If you’ve ever dreamed of […]

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Fast-Fashion Shein website under review once again

shutter Still problematic online retailer Shein is under surveillance again for selling offensive items with hate symbols and inappropriate cultural meanings. Last week, the China-based fast fashion company came under fire for selling Muslim prayer rugs as decorative rugs, undermining and appropriating the religious importance of the Islamic faith. Muslim activist groups and networks such […]

Fashion designs

Jessan Macatangay creates fashion designs from drapes and chair frames

Central Saint Martins graduate Jessan Macatangay incorporated deconstructed chairs into his striking fashion collection, to symbolize how people carry the weight of personal struggles. Entitled Finding Beauty and Power in Struggle, the collection is made up of five different looks that gradually become lighter and less bulky, as they gradually include less furniture elements. Each […]

Fashion designs

Ximon Lee on her club-inspired and gender-fluid fashion designs

It seems fashion design, in Lee’s opinion, should work like an elusive dress code in the world’s most notorious club: it’s not as blatant as just dressing in black. Functionality, portability, and texture are what signals affiliation with nightlife, rather than obvious aesthetic cues. “You can integrate [a reference] in a collection and some people […]

Fashion designs

Malawi: Unavailability of fabrics affecting prices and creativity of Malawian fashion models

Fashion design is one of Malawi’s fastest growing industries among young people. However, the high prices of locally produced products have been an obstacle to the growth of the industry. Speaking in separate interviews, three of Malawi’s top fashion designers attributed the challenge to the unavailability of high-quality fabrics in the country. “The challenge of […]

Fashion website

Fashion site launches £ 500,000 crowdfund as sales increase 200%

Fashion website has launched a £ 500,000 crowdfunding campaign as it signals a 200% sales increase during the lockdown. The Edinburgh-based business run by founder Mike Welch provides a platform for more than 250 independent boutiques selling around 2,800 brands. Read more Related Articles Fundraising on Crowdcube aims to develop its technology and […]