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Sustainable fashion website Fox Holt hosts pop-up in River Oaks

Local and always fashionable Houstonians Dale Volpe and Katy Rowley bring their eco-friendly lifestyle platform, Fox holt back to life in the River Oaks District. The ethical marketplace celebrates its first brick and mortar by welcoming a series of workshops that feature brands focused on sustainability.

Throughout October and November, attendees can shop and explore selected eco-friendly brands on the Fox Holt website, as well as meet the designers behind the ethical designs. Among the lineup is Lauren Decarli and Title of the work Jonathan Meizler. Decarli will present the fall collection of its clothing line, Paneros. Meizler will be showcasing her handmade jewelry and lifestyle items.

Floral artist Lisa Composto de Compost flour, hosted the second installment of her floral design class last night, teaching the art of the perfect flower arrangement. The guests created a bouquet of locally grown fall flowers and kept them in Porcelain from the Middle Kingdom vases by designer Barbara Barry.

“I have always been a magnet for flowers,” explains Composto during the workshop. “I love to embrace each stage of the flower through its budding phase, its emergence and when it is in all its glory. Even when you watch a flower wilt, it also has a nice touch. Overall this world is moving too fast and it’s important to enjoy what’s calling you, and the flowers did that to me.

The final event will feature Manhattan designer Anna Tagliabue and her vegan fur line, Pelush NYC. Through the label, Tagliabue launched a Re-Faux-Loution raise awareness of the cruelty to animals in making fur clothing. The movement inspired its own brand, which strives to provide the highest quality faux fur on the market. Details of Tagliabue at Houstonia the exclusive Demi-Couture clothing that you would expect in the window. One in particular is the Veronica coat which features rare vintage glass buttons, French Chantilly lace and a custom color made especially for Pelush.

“The fabulous coats I bring are the ones you can wear everyday with your jeans and handbags to pick up your kids,” Tagliabue explains. “I also bring a trendy couture piece that is particularly embroidered. It is a very important piece and I am delighted that buyers feel the material which is second to none at any retailer.

Although the use of fur is not necessary until we reach the brighter months, Tagliabue recounts Houstonia she’s ready to tap into the Houston market with a selection of coats suitable for a warmer fall / winter season.

“I am very excited to meet potential clients because I would love to learn more about what they are looking for and open the conversations surrounding real fur versus faux fur,” says Tagliabue. “I’m curious to see if the awareness has caught up to Houston as well as the rest of the world.”

To date, the clothing industry accounts for most of the global pollution. Through its partnerships with socially responsible brands, Fox Holt’s mission is to embrace fashion while reducing its carbon footprint.

Visit the Fox Holt Pop Up Event located at River Oaks District, 4444 Westheimer Rd. For more information on Fox holt online visit.

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