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The surrealist creations of Hiroko Nakajima – The Upcoming

Hiroko Nakajima’s surrealist fashion designs

March 20, 2013


After earning BA and MA degrees from world-famous Central Saint Martins, London designer Hiroko Nakajima was doomed to success.

Originally from Tokyo, Hiroko has always had a keen interest in fashion. But it’s the use of color and surreal qualities in her clothing that really sets her apart from the crowd. He’s not your generic knitwear designer, that’s for sure.

Her previous collections consisted of wearing interior decorations and incorporating geometric abstractions of body parts into her clothing. Although they are all completely unique in terms of style and aesthetics, his designs have an overall appearance. The human physique plays an important role in the designs created by Hiroko. We, as the customer, are drawn to these pieces because we feel associated with them, while seeing distorted and strange images.

Hiroko absolutely wants his pieces to appear familiar but foreign to the consumer. Which is a big part of the appeal, because we want to know more.

Hiroko Nakajima’s current collection for spring-summer 2013 Collection disappointment consists of many visual illusions. An ankle-length dress, half black, on the other side representing the shape of a slender woman. Looks like the model is both wearing the shape and being kissed by it. It would look amazing to walk down the street.

The rest of the collection consists of a vibrant color palette, contrasting pale and dark tones that Hiroko calls “poisonous”. Her silkscreens on velvet are also to die for and we can’t wait to see what this exciting designer will create next.

Bethan williams

Check out Hiroko Nakajima’s website here for all collections and more information.

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