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There is nothing quite like getting a good deal while shopping. And while you can sometimes get lucky when sifting through sales displays, discount chains have long been the most reliable way to consistently mark the best clothes and accessories for a lot less money. Unfortunately, regular shoppers of TJ Maxx, Burlington and Ross may soon notice that some big fashion brands have disappeared from their favorite stores. Read on to see which labels are starting to leave the bargain world behind.

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According to representatives from each company, fans of Under Armor, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Steve Madden and Carter’s may find themselves understaffed when shopping for popular clothing and footwear brands at. Burlington, TJ Maxx and Ross in the near future. Everyone has announced plans to forgo selling their inventory to discount chains, also known as “overpriced” stores, CNN Business reports.

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Unsurprisingly, analysts say changes and constraints on the supply chain have resulted in a decrease in the amount of original inventory for fashion labels as demand for the products remains relatively high. With so few aftermarket goods for sale in the chain to bargain retailers, brands are instead focusing on selling their products at full price.

“We have reduced the amount we sell to third-party channel without price, ” David bergman, chief financial officer of Under Armor, said on a earnings conference call on Nov. 2. “These partners would like more products.”

In a conference call on November 3, CEO Steve Madden Edouard Rosenfeld also announced that he was no longer sending so many of his discount chain product due to low supplies. “Our first priority is to always feed the chains at full price,” he said.

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However, some discount retailers remain optimistic despite the changes. In an email to CNN Business, a spokesperson for TJ Maxx assured shoppers that its stores will always be “frequently updated with new and trending items” and that its “ever-changing merchandise mix” will always facilitate. the task of the clients. find what they’re looking for during peak holiday shopping season.

Still, experts point out that brands slowly pulled out of discount stores long before supply chain issues made the problem worse. “The extra price is a last resort” Susan anderson, a retail analyst at B. Riley Securities, told CNN Business, adding that bargain chains could feel the long-term effects of the change if big fashion brands continue to hold inventory for themselves – same.

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But it’s not just low-cost chains like TJ Maxx, Burlington, and Ross that are under-staffing: Some companies are reporting that they have so little leftover inventory that they’re struggling to keep their own. factory outlets. stocked. According to Ben johns, general manager of merchandising for outdoor equipment retailer REI, the growing demand for equipment sold in its stores has not abated. He cited as an example the high-cost sales of bicycle equipment such as helmets, spare parts, bicycles and maintenance products. These sales have jumped from 50 percent to 90 percent of industry business over the past year.

Johns told CNN Business that such changes have left “very little leftover product” for sale in its outlet stores. “What we have we just sell at a high price,” he said.

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