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Transgender and transvestite shoppers have access to Suddenly Fem ™ innovative new fashion website

PHILADELPHIA CREAM, December 17, 2013 / PRNewswire / – Suddenly Fem â„¢ – a dynamic force in the crossdresser field – transgender clothing and lingerie for more than 20 years – has launched an extraordinarily innovative new website that is as bold and exciting as the market it is. dessert.


“The transvestite or the trans woman of today is not like her counterpart of 20 years ago,” says Tyler DeSouza, designer and vice-president of the fashion line. “She’s just as likely to be in town as she is at home in the closet. It demands forward-thinking styling, a great fit, and, perhaps most importantly, a convenient and efficient way to shop online. line.”

The visually stunning new Suddenly Fem â„¢ website offers updated menus and categories that make shopping easier for customers new to crossdressing and trans fashion. A user-friendly interface allows buyers to effortlessly navigate through the site’s innovative features:

  • Exclusive interactive size chart – Buyers enter their measurements and are quickly directed to the size that best suits their body. (SuddenlyFem clothing is designed to fit the slender hips, longer arms, wider shoulders, and longer torsos of transvestites.) This feature simplifies the conversion to transgender clothing, which is often confusing. It also provides optional metric conversions for the European trans fashionista.
  • Interactive breast prosthesis sizing tool – The sizing tool creates personalized breast prosthesis size recommendations for each client based on their particular proportions and desired figure.
  • Ability to add matching and coordinated items directly from the product page – Buyers will no longer need to click multiple times and flip through many pages to purchase a complete outfit. The site provides suggestions for accomplishing a complete look. And it’s all on one page!
  • Virtual and downloadable fashion catalogs – Customers can browse the catalog online, download a copy or order a full-color paper catalog for their home.

“We are very excited to unveil this fantastic new platform,” said DeSouza. “Our goal has always been to improve the fashion and style of transvestites and transgender women. This site clearly represents our vision. It showcases the beauty of our clothes while helping to raise the level of respect for the transgender and crossdressing community in general. ”

Suddenly Fem â„¢ has succeeded in merging fashion, style and beauty with ease, functionality and information. They plan to add more specialized features with each coming season – keeping their site up to date while providing a shopping experience beyond the expectations of their customers (and the world).

About Suddenly Fem â„¢ – Suddenly Fem â„¢ is the largest fashion line for the M2F transgender community in United States – and arguably the most elegant. Covering all aspects of trans fashion, from edgy club wear and racy lingerie to perfectly coordinated sets and collections, Suddenly Fem â„¢ is not just a retailer, but a designer and manufacturer of virtually. all products from their mail order catalogs and online store. For more information on Suddenly Fem â„¢, a division of Best Value Products, contact Tyler DeSouza at 215-694-1500 or at E-mail.

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